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All the brackets are 3 game series format. You have to provide score of your series in one Challenger Mode chat, reporting section with Challenger Mode, and/or our discord server under the tournament section!

A game that has been played past the first rounds is deemed valid. If your game host starts with the wrong settings you have to report it to admins before the beginning of the match.

Lobby disconnects do happen and given a time constraint will be handled in the following manner: In the event that 10% of the lobby does not connect to the match (6 players+) the game will be restarted. Individual cases will not be restarted, only the loss of 6+ players will now initiate a restart.

Verify your results after the game in your lobby please, even if you lose.

No solo or duo entrance allowed, anyone not on a full team and does not have free agent toggled will have it toggled before tournament seeding.

Teams will be awarded -1 kill after every kill exceeding 15 total kills per match. If a team exceeds 30 kills, they will not be awarded negative points but remain at 0 kills. Exceeding 30 kills may subject a team to a 1 month suspension from Fate Legion tournaments.

Players/teams are able to merge during tournament play with other registered players/teams. Having said this, it is up to the team Captain to sort out payouts for the newly merged players/teams if they win a cash placement.

IGN used on CM MUST match IGN entering into private match game lobby. Failure to do so can result in a player and/or team being disqualified.


Each team is allowed to have one coach and one substitute which must be predefined in the team on Challenger Mode in advance. In the game lobby there can´t be different team members as in the Challenger Mode lobby!

All players are required to use the IGN that they provided during the registration process for all matches of that tournament and/or series.

The unique code(s) to join the appropriate online tournament lobby in Game will be posted in DMs on the Tournament Site. There will be unique codes for each lobby.

Teams must check-in on the Tournament Site ahead of the scheduled start time. Teams will be entered into the lobbies on a first come, first serve based on check-in time.

The unique code(s) to join the appropriate online tournament lobby in Game will be posted in the Challenger Mode DM Chat on the Tournament Page where you signed up. There will be unique codes for each lobby.​ Directions on how to get there are posted in our space posts.

Competitors that stream their matches may not display the code on their stream and if found to have shared the code and may be subject to penalties, and/or banned from the tournament or series.

Prior to the start of each match, the Team Captain is required to enter the Team name in the custom in-Game lobby for each match. The Team name provided in the lobby must match the Team name provided during registration on the Tournament Site.

Competitors are required to be present in the in-Game match lobby at the scheduled start time for each match detailed in the tournament schedule in order to participate in that match. Matches may be started at the scheduled start time without all Competitors or Teams present. Teams who fail to arrive on time may face penalties up to and including point deductions, suspensions, and tournament bans if the behavior is habitual.

Competitors or Teams that miss a match may join the next match in the round unless superseded by a waitlist team. Matches will continue if players disconnect or fail to load into the Game. If a player disconnects from a match, they may attempt to rejoin the match using the in-Game reconnect feature. If 20% or more of the lobby do not load into the game, then the game will be restarted. (12 Players, 4 teams in a 60 player, 20 team lobby).

Competitors may not leave the normal boundaries of a map in a way that does not activate an “out-of-bounds” timer or other exploit that results in the Competitor being able to remain outside of the circle (in the orange) without taking damage. Competitors may not exploit a Game mechanic to enter and exit the in-Game “out-of-bounds” kill timer consecutively in the same area. Examples of this include repeatedly using a zipline, grapple, portal, balloon, or other character ability to repeatedly enter the same area that activates the “out-of-bounds” timer.​



Cheating will not be tolerated within our tournaments. Anyone caught cheating will not only receive a ban from us, but will also be sending the evidence to dev company as well as Challenger Mode officials. Any and all evidence of cheating should be reported to admins in our discord. Without any proof of cheating, no accusation can be processed.

Players will conduct themselves in a friendly manner and keep all forms of toxic play out of the chats and matches. It is up to the discretion of the admins on the situation present to them at the time of the report. Examples of, but not limited to, toxic behavior and comments are: T-Bagging, shooting dead bodies, shooting death boxes, using belittling chatter to put other players and/or teams down, etc. By not abiding to this, players are subjected to being banned from the tournament and any others going forward. We will not tolerate the following: tea bagging, body shooting, swatting, doxing, flaming, griefing, botting, hate raids, hate speech, discrimination, sexism, harassment, cyber-bullying, and racism. Any form of negative behavior or speech is subjected to admin review.

Making accusations of cheating without proof can subject you to a suspension or ban from future Fate Legion tournaments. So please provide any evidence in a DM to Shakeweight#9299 on Discord or within the support section in the Fate Legion discord. Furthermore, pushing admins to eject a player and/or team from the tournament without any proof given can also result in a suspension and/or ban from further Fate Legion tournaments.



Tiebreakers are done in the following order:

  • Total kills in the match

  • Most points in singular game in the match (kills + placement)

  • Most kills in a singular game in the match

  • Most kills in last game

  • Placement in most recent map

  • Coin flip


If you encounter any issues, please contact the available admins here on Challenger Mode chat or on our discord server:


  • Make sure to get the Challenger mode "Apex Legend CM" Role.

  • Ping Shakeweight#0001 for support or DM any submissions and evidence of cheating.

  • If Shakeweight is unavailable, please contact one of the available admins and report your problems. Start with sending the admin the link of the game or the name of your team and your problem. Then follow instructions given by the admin.

Thank you!

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