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Fate Legion is proud to be partnered with local and global musical artists! These bands have lent us their music talents by allowing us the ability to use their music in our content! We don't make money from their music, instead help try and promote their music to the world. It can be hard going at this life alone, so we look to band together with others to help everyone make it to the top!

Interested in lending your talents to the cause and getting your name out there more?! Then hit up the contact area and lets get chatting about adding your music into rotation for everyone to hear :D

Band | USA

CHEVELLE is the understated musical powerhouse who have continually delivered rock anthems for the past 27 years. Chevelle will their 9th full length album, NIRATIAS, on March 5th, 2021. The album draws on Pete's fascination with space travel, simulation theory and a healthy distrust/skepticism of the unknown. NIRATIAS was recorded over 2019 and 2020 with their long time producer, Joe Barresi. After almost 5 years between releases, Chevelle decided that they needed to put music out again, even if the landscape for music is difficult and uncertain. "We decided that pandemic or not, we are a rock band and writing and releasing music is just what we do. Even if it's just for our mental health, it's reason enough to put NIRATIAS out and feel some normalcy and pride in what we have been working on. As music fans, we appreciate this from the bands we follow and we hope our fans will appreciate it too."

Platinum and gold albums across their 8 studio records, 7 number one hits, 17 songs reaching the top 10 charts, over 5 million records sold in the USA and many more world wide. 2 compilation releases, a successful live CD and two live DVD releases completes their extensive body of work to date. It's all credit to their continuing dedication to be true to their craft, the genre and their fans. Chevelle's last two Album releases, La Gargola and The North Corridor both debuted #1 on the Billboard rock charts and #3 and #8 respectively, on the Billboard top 200 charts. With no signs of this Chicago alternative rock duo slowing down any time soon, their numerous chart topping releases have certainly earned this band a place in American rock music history.

After more than two decades together, numerous releases, and countless world wide tours, the outfit consisting of brothers Pete Loeffler [guitars, vocals], Sam Loeffler [drums], have confidently sailed through decades of uncharted waters and have emerge with a collection that's equally intricate and intimate.

Certainly it builds upon the pairs impressive foundation, including the 2002 multi-platinum selling genre staple Wonder What's Next and the 2004 platinum selling follow-up This Type of Thinking Could Do Us In which debuted #8 on the Billboard Top 200. The releases that followed held their own against the ever changing faces of popular music for the time. 2007's gold record selling Vena Sera reached #2 for Rock album on the Billboard charts . 2009's release Sci-Fi Crimes reached #6 on the Billboard Top 200 and #1 on the alternative charts. 2011's Hats Off to The Bull reached #5 on the Billboard Top 200, 2014's La Gargola debuted #3 on the Billboard Top 200. Most recently, 2016's The North Corridor album debuted #8 and soon reached #2 on the Billboard Top 200. La Gargola and The North Corridor both debuted #1 on the Billboard rock charts with The North Corridor vinyl release reaching #7 on the Billboard top 25 Vinyl charts. Chevelle released a B-sides and rarities collection titled 12 Bloody Spies in October 2018 while they wrote and record their much anticipated 9th studio album. This latest album release, NIRATIAS will be sure to add another chapter to the extensive catalog of this successful music career.

"You don't want to repeat yourself," affirms Sam. "We want to seize something different with each song. Every record has to take on its own identity. As an artist, you have to progress and evolve." As they continue to master their craft, Chevelle take on the critics and prove time and time again that they are a force to be reckoned with.

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Band | Vancouver Island, B.C

Vogue Villains are a hard rocking alternative band with a musical foundation planted firmly in catchy melodies and multipart harmonies. The live sound? Is big, dirty and full of raw energy while also having a humorous stage presence that goes hand in hand with their tongue in cheek lyrical sensibilities. Set on making music that feels unique, yet unafraid to wear the boys many influences on their sleeves, this powerhouse of a band has created a sound that is undeniably and unmistakably VV.

Vogue Villains is made up of four members: Andrew Baskin (Lead Vox, Bass), Lucas Antoni (Lead Vox, Guitar), Nate Cox (Drums, Vox) and Robert Johnston (Keyboard, Guitar, Vox).

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